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"A mushroom lasts for only a very short time. Often I go in the woods thinking, after all these years, I ought finally to be bored with fungi. But, coming upon any mushroom in good condition, I lose my mind all over again. Supreme good fortune: we're both alive!"

These pieces were written for my audience on RateYourMusic. They're not as good as my more recent pieces, but I still think they're okay. The arbitrary distinction I make between pieces for the archive and pieces for the main page is whether they came before or after Indeterminacy - Ninety New Texts, because that was the first piece I wrote that wasn't designed for the specific cultural ecosystem of RateYourMusic. For some months hence I still published there exclusively (I hadn't made my own site yet), but with a few exceptions the pieces are no longer designed for that specific cultural context. All of these pieces are.

4/8/20 - Get Up, I Feel Like Being a Mechanical Fucking Machine
6/7/20 - Spitting Fury
4/7/20 - The Grammar of Cat Videos
24/6/20 - My Neighbour's Roof
19/6/20 - Princess Mononoke: Margins and Thresholds
13/6/20 - Nikhil Banerjee and Sunlight
10/6/20 - The Incestuous Self Reference of Neurofunk
1/6/20 - Cecil Taylor Pushing At the Limits of Intelligibility
25/5/20 - The Turin Horse Hates Humanity
22/5/20 - The Compassionate Slowness of Goodbye, Dragon Inn
16/5/20 - Ambientkitty: On Animal Agency
11/5/20 - Kotaru Takamura and the Hand as an Artistic Vehicle
6/5/20 - Giorgio Morandi's Still Life: The Metaphysician of Bologna
30/4/20 - Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children: Clouds
25/4/20 - Ere Erera Baleibu Izik Subua Aruaren
22/4/20 - Skrillex, KFC, Airports, Ugliness
22/4/20 - Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: Escalation and Extrapolation
7/4/20 - AE_Live Onesix: A Description
4/4/20 - Clangers: About Love and Joy
17/3/20 - Small Sphere and Heavy Sphere by Alexander Calder
9/3/20 - The Lighthouse: Geography of the Face
6/12/19 - Jordan Belson's Epilogue: Idents and Projections on the Sky
27/11/19 - The Hauntology of Memes
18/11/19 - Ali Akbar Khan and the Moral Skeleton of Hinduism
6/11/19 - Kaili Blues, Humanity's Place in the World Diminished
30/10/19 - Jeff Mills at Energy Rave, Zurich, 1996
23/10/19 - A Warning About Cadbury's Double Deckers
15/10/19 - Taylor Swift: Legally Banal Music for the Nazi Youth
24/9/19 - Anthony Braxton's For Alto and the Objective Signal of Unconscious Recall
9/8/19 - Why I Hate Ari Aster's Hereditary
8/1/19 - John Cage's Music of Changes and Randomness at Different Levels of Detail
5/1/19 - Shigeji Ogino's Rhythm and the Syllables of Film
2/1/19 - A Drunken Love Letter to Angel's Egg
1/1/19 - The Limit of a Cat's Mind and the Spooky Magnetism of Anton Webern
29/11/18 - Blasted Apart With Piss: On Consume Red by Ground Zero
24/11/18 - Two Sublime Animation Cuts From Castle of Cagliostro
30/10/18 - The Dhrupad of Zia Mohiuddin Dagar, Which Lies Still in the Heart
10/05/18 - Takashi Ito's Grim: In Which a Hand Covers the Camera
9/2/18 - Stockhausen: Increasingly Obtuse Artistic Statements